About Us

Ability Solutions origins go back to 1978 and were founded on a customer centric model to ensure delivery of true value add. This has been borne out by the high percentage of referral business as a result of our many successes over the years.

Our people have always been our strongest asset blending strong technical skills with in-depth business experience. It is this combination that has provided the "x" factor ensuring projects delivered "on time", "to scope" and "on budget".

It has also been reflected in our staff retention with many of our senior project managers having been with us for in excess of 10 years.

As well as our staff, our strategic partners play a vital role in the success of our company by providing highly competitive and affordable solutions on a common platform. We are totally committed to evaluating international best practise technologies that will add value to our customers.

We offer a range of vertical solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics space as well as a number of horizontal solutions addressing Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Demand Planning, Analytics and Collaboration.

While primary focusing in the Financial Services and Wholesale Distribution arena, we have solid experience across a broad spectrum of industry such as Mining, Bulk Distribution, Heavy Industrial Equipment.

In an ever-changing environment, renewable applications are the order of the day. By providing you with competitive, original and practical business solutions, we are at the forefront of technology - advancing through adaptability.

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