"Ability has over the years become my partner of choice for software thanks to their innovative yet practical and simple approach to business systems. They have stood out amongst other players in the market by taking time to listen to my needs before rushing to sell me a product and I have derived great ROI and value for money in all the solutions they have provided for me over the years thanks to their "ability" to manage my expectations by giving me what I wanted, when I wanted it and best of all within time and budget".

Tony Sibanda
CFO - Paramount Logistics Corp.

"Being within the technologically advanced industry of telecommunications, Chatz Cellular and Vodacom 4U felt the need to offer an online service portal for our business partners. Our aim was to move all processes into a work flow environment to not only streamline processes but to also eliminate the human error factor prevalent in manual based systems. Although the goal has been a long term one, we were unable to find a system that could integrate into our current structures.  We are a long standing user of the Ability ERP solution and based on their advice, it was decided to partner with Flowcentric and within a few short months we have managed to not only offer our web based service portal but used the same technology to address other areas across our operations. We have embarked on a document delivery mechanism  as well as automating the majority of our internal processes and tasks which we were, to date, unable to do due to the specialized nature of  the cellular industry. With the Flowcentric system we are constantly discovering new ways to not only automate processes thus dramatically increasing productivity but we are enabling our business partners with resources never before experienced, taking our business from strength to strength."

Shaun Gillespie
Director - Vodacom 4U & Chatz Connect

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