Our Process Methodology


Ability Solutions believes that projects represents a partnership between ours and the customers organization. Consequently a  joint contribution is critical to the success of the project, as well as the overall satisfaction of the Customer . We employ our experience to influence the overall project and implementation and focus on a knowledge transfer to the client’s project team throughout the various stages of implementation.

Ability Solutions uses a hybrid implementation methodology, based on countless hours of field experience implementing in excess of 170 sites. The methodology is highly customizable for each customer’s specific requirements, timetables, and resources.  It provides a roadmap for the implementation team and a tangible process for our customers to follow.  The implementation methodology will act as a constant, while the customized project approach and implementation may vary from client to client.

The Ability Solutions implementation methodology, and its associated activities are based on a business modeling approach to implementing software.The methodology consists of seven major phases, which advance customers and Ability consultants efficiently through the implementation from pre-sales to operations.

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