Rokman comes of Age

While the origins of ROKMAN was firmly entrenched in meeting the demands of the DMR’s SHEQ audits, mine management has realised the potential of the technology and now make extensive use of the same platform to manage, monitor and report on Rand and Cents operational issues.

In some mining environments, for example, diesel costs is one of the single largest monthly operational expense particularly if mining is outsourced based on a dry rate. ROKMAN has been used as a cost effective fuel management solution giving management both greater control and visibility. ROKMAN has also been used to more accurately record and report on production tonnage and equipment usage and the resulting underlying data analysed to produce accurate “cost per ton” reporting.

Be it for the control of your inventories, your operational expenses, your equipment or just ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, let us explore how ROKMAN can assist you with your operational issues.

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