Rokman Mining Solution

The Rokman Mining Solution is a fully integrated solution to support a mine from inception through to production. Just as the mining operation goes through different levels of operational maturity during its life, so can the Rokman Mining Solution.

Rokman has the ability to reorganise its structures and functionality to meet the operational needs of the mine be it a restructuring of the underlying chart of accounts, cost/production centres, or the addition of functionality.

Rokman is made up of a series of building blocks that may be deployed at any time in an organisations life cycle consisting of:

  • Complete end to end financials supporting unlimited number of legal entities, multi-currency, multi-tax regimes, unlimited number of budget/forecast revisions, local and foreign creditors and debtors, unlimited number of bank accounts with automated bank account reconciliation, purchasing of both stock and non-stock items, fixed asset management covering acquisition, depreciation, tracking, part or full disposal.
  • Production and Cost Monitoring via the use of field data capture and analytical and statistical codes in the General Ledger be it tonnage, hours etc.
  • Stores management to ensure you have the right parts in the right quantity in the right place at the right time. Supporting unlimited number of stores locations with different costing methods if need be, effective control over stores is assured with comprehensive functionality from purchase, receipt, transfer, issuing, counting.
  • Workflow Enabled Procurement covering both Capex and Opex procedures as defined by the organisation. This functionality may be supported by Approved Supplier Management with associated Catalogue Maintenance, Tender Lifecycle and Contract Management all linked to Supplier Performance Monitoring and overall Spend Analysis.
  • Contract Labour Management to maximise on labour utilisation and accurate payment for services rendered. Online and offline timesheet capture allocated directly to valid project/task/ work order/ cost centre. Predefined rates both” cost” and “sell” covering, normal, overtime, travel time etc. Consolidation of time and costs routed to responsible person for review and approval prior to authorisation of payment.
  • Business Intelligence to empower the management team to maximise on their decision support capabilities. ROKMAN is supported by a normalised SQL database complemented by information cubes covering various areas of the business. This  allows us to automate management reports, performance management dashboards and online analytical enquiries based on a common and consistent view of business-critical data for cost-effective and strategic decision making..


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