Rokflow Extended Mining Solutions

The Abiltiy Rokflow Extended solution suite consists of a number of out of the box easy customizable solutions. These solutions were developed where the primary requirement was to execute on a business process requirement in areas where current systems falls short on the automation of these requirements in the industry.


Today the procurement function is considered to be a strategic initiative and is seen to be adding immense value to businesses. Contemporary procurement managers handle both the procurement and sourcing function at strategic and operational levels. They are proactively engaged in building supplier networks, estimating, controlling and reducing costs besides performing other functions and ensuring service levels.

Their job functions are increasing becoming cross functional together with supply chain and manufacturing functions. While procurement is part of any organisation’s daily business activities, most software solutions do not provide a flexible control module between business decisions and the financial system. This is where the procurement solution comes to the fore, providing tighter control and enhanced visibility of all facets of the business. This in turn, provides enhanced efficiency, quicker turnaround times, reduced costs, and empowered, productive employees. It’s what every company wants from the rules, procedures and systems they have in place.

HR Business Process On boarding and Off boarding

This specific process is essential in the sourcing, recruitment and termination of an employee during their tenure with the organisation. It manages the complete lifecycle from, vacancy, recruitment, selection with predetermined workflows to alert and escalate processes to the  relevant stakeholders like supervisors, HR, Finance, Stores etc. Loss of revenue is becoming a major issue in companies when it comes to former staff still in possession of company assets after resignation/termination. By automating processes you can ensure your company’s assets are returned by the time an ex-employee walks out the door. Company vehicles, laptops, garage cards, access cards and company mobile phones – all substantial costs to any organisation can now be accounted for upon resignation/termination. The FlowCentric solution ensures all assets are returned, email accounts cancelled, logins and various methods of access to company information are terminated on the required date. Escalations and notifications are triggered when tasks fall behind their due date.

Leave Management

The Leave Management Process allows users to apply online for various leave types such as Sick, Compassionate, Maternity, Study and Annual Leave. The process allows the Human Resources Administrators to manage public holidays and working days within the leave process annually. The process caters for Contract Employees as well as Permanent Employees. Leave applications are routed for relevant approvals and the leave record and balances are updated based on the approval or rejection of the specific application related to the type of leave applied for. In automation this key process it provides manages, supervisors and HR to plan  ensure adequate staffing on shifts and projects.

Tender Management

This automated electronic system makes provision for each step in the tender process from registration to award, enforcing process consistency and transparency.  Built in business rules ensure compliance with policies, regulatory requirements and best practices controlling user behaviour in a user friendly environment. There is a definite beginning and end to each process, with each step in the process being executed according to legislative requirements. This eliminates many elements of risk, aids in maximising managerial control, provides process consistency, and ensures process progress is visible and fully auditable at all times.


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