SHEQ/PTO’s/ Field Inspections Compliance Management

SHEQ/PTO’s/ Field Inspections Compliance Management via our mobile field solution. Designed to be operated by blue collar workers using robust handheld devices with online and offline capabilities, able to survive in hostile environments. 

Whether it is an Incident Report, a Planned Task Observation, an equipment inspection, confirmation that the area is safe to operate in, a request for supplementary personnel, supply of props or explosives, or a request for engineering support, it’s just a click away via the use of the icon driven forms.

ROKMAN is a BPM enabled end to end solution that gets information where it needs to be.  Depending on levels of communication infrastructure available, be it in the cross-cut, rest area, bottom of the shaft or in the base of an opencast mine, the required data is captured and transmitted, as soon as practical, back to the correct structures for the appropriate action.

Each transaction is supported by user/date/time stamped audit trails ready to answer any future queries. ROKMAN’s  icon driven screens make customisation or the adding of additional functionality simple and quick while the underlying BPM engine routes notifications and assignments to the correct people supported by full escalation according to your operational rules.

ROKMAN  makes sense for those operations that want to balance the need to meet their obligations under the Mine Health and Safety act and the need to drive production.


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