Business Process Management

FlowCentric customers implement business critical processes in record time. Our process solutions are agile enough to accommodate changes at the drop of a hat; our process solutions connect disparate systems with one interface. Business is better managed and governed through our tools. FlowCentric Processware gives management more control, reduces lag time, minimises expenditure and increases the ROI for many existing IT products.

Business critical processes are made remotely available, at any time, via Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office SharePoint, the FlowCentric Gadget, and a range of web browsers and mobile devices. The FlowCentric solution provides a single user interface, which is so easy to use that all staff members, IT and non-IT, can accurately follow the steps to ensure business runs smoothly.

There is a definite beginning and end to each process, with each step in the process being executed according to the rules defined by business. This eliminates many elements of risk, aids in maximising managerial control, provides process consistency, and ensures that process progress is visible and fully auditable at all times.

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