Rokman Mining

Whether you are the General Manager, the Mine Manager, Engineering Manager, Health and Safety Officer, Mine Overseer/Captain or the Shift Supervisor, ROKMAN mobile solution is designed to assist you in meeting both your legal and operational goals. Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook , management can view a Master Console analysing the KPI for their area of responsibility. Information can be view by mine, shaft, cross-cut/stoop/ by team, by individual, analysing pre-scheduled tasks identifying which have been completed or are now overdue. Managers can respond to specific requests for materials or support from the rock face by scheduling tasks on the fly to the appropriate people or departments.

The ROKMAN solution differs from existing paper based processes in that information is digitally captured at source on rugged devices via electronic pages designed for ease and speed of use. Shift Supervisors sign on via drop down boxes on the screen after collection of equipment from the lamp room. The system automatically loads predefined tasks for that shift as per an organisations operational procedures.

Tasks are managed by icon driven responses and depending on the response the operator is automatically routed to the next appropriate action while all the time the system is monitoring the progress of tasks against a planned schedule i.e. was a safety inspection completed? Is engineering support required? Are additional stores such as explosives required? All actions are date, time and user stamped and written to an audit trail in the ROKMAN database to support future safety audits. Where appropriate those requests are routed to the associated management/support team e.g. Engineering Manager, for action and a stores request or works order generated.

To support the legal process, electronic signatures or fingerprint images may be captured in terms of declarations etc. Data can immediately be synced to the Managers Console depending on the mines communication infrastructure. In a worst case scenario data will be automatically uploaded at end of shift on returning of device to the lamp room. Managers can view completed safety checks and analyse the underlying data to detect patterns of equipment failure, lost production etc.

The Managers Console gives the mine manager a window on operations from which he may trigger ad-hoc tasks to support optimum on-going production. Once again, those ad-hoc unscheduled tasks are routed via workflow to the appropriate departments/people for action with automated feedback on status to the manager who originated the task.
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