Warehouse Management Solution


The ScanMan Warehouse Management Solution uses the latest hardware, software, scanning and communications technology to manage items received, stored, picked and dispatched within a warehouse environment.

Whether you have inventory management as part of your ERP solution or keeping stock details in an Excel spreadsheet or on stock movement cards, ScanMan can assist you in achieving greater control over your inventory. SAMS will extract the data from the ERP or Excel spreadsheet and generate a bar barcode label to be attached to the stock item for future track and traceability.

From this basic start SAMS creates an Inventory database in Microsoft SQL against which triggered by the barcode:

  • Maintains a complete history of adjustments made i.e. identification, printing, labelling, Traceability etc.
  • Put Away Receipting, bin location mangement.
  • Picking creation triggered by a sales order, scanning, re-packing, re-labeling.
  • Loading supported by scanning and generation of gate pass.
  • Finalisation of order update with picked quantities.
  • Stocktake with counting, reconciling and exception reporting.
  • Stock enquiries
  • Bin movements and quantity adjustments
  • Management of returns
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